Enrollment Verification Form


The Enrollment Verification Form serves as a document that a student is enrolled full-time for each semester and to verify the student’s grade point average.







Complete the Enrollment Verification Form after you are official enrolled and after your grades have been posted.

Before you download the form, type in your responses for Section A and Section B.

Then download and take to the Office of the Registrar for them to complete Section C.
The stamp or seal of the educational institution is required.

For your convenience, the Enrollment Verification Form may be submitted  via mail, email or fax.

Mail to:
P.O. Box 4248
Wichita, KS 67204

Email to: irma.luna@cox.net

Fax to: 316-264-1489. Attention: Irma Luna

Once the Enrollment Verification Form is scholarship awards will be disbursed directly to your college.

Check your student account ten days after you have been notified that the check has been mailed to your college. If it has not been posted to your account, follow up with the Registrar’s Office and if needed with KHEDF.